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Dedicated SNP service organisation ensures the service quality and continuity for all outsourcing contracts.

We are a consulting company specialising in SAP services, IT outsourcing and software development. We support our clients' businesses. That is the reason for our motto to be: IT makes business better

We are part of SNP Group, world leader in transformation of SAP environments

Since 1995 we have successfully accomplished hundreds of IT project in many countries worldwide.

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Our experts present the most interesting solutions of IT world.

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Since 1995 we are involved in the design of the IT market

We have started our business in the same year, in which the SAP SE has opened its Polish subsidiary, and therefore we are the longest active partner of SAP in Poland. For years, we have developped our range of services and IT solutions for business. Since 1999, we provide IT outsourcing services and since 2013 we offer them under the trademark BCC Data Centers (since 2018 SNP Data Centers). In 2014, we have outsourced the BCC Software Factory (since 2018 SNP Software Factory). We also develop and expand our dedicated apps for companies that are offered within a cloud. In 2017, the German company SNP AG acquired 100% of BCC shares. SNP AG is an international SAP partner, a provider of business transformation solutions. In January 2018 BCC changed its name to SNP Poland
  • BCC to become SNP Poland
  • BCC joins the SNP AG Group
  • BCC and 7milowy – two SAP partners join forces – will provides a full range of services  for the small and medium-sized companies
  • The 20th anniversary of the company. A new logo of BCC – with the slogan “IT makes business better.”
  • The ISO 27018 certification for BCC cloud solutions – one of the first in Europe.
  • Outsourcing of BCC Software Factory – a specialized competence center in the field of Business Software Development
  • First migration of SAP ERP on the SAP HANA platform in Central Europe – a new era of in-memory solutions begins
  • BCC has started up a second data processing center. Second server room is located in a place physically remote from the first site.
  • BCC releases the first proprietary in-cloud solution: BeeOffice
  • A record year – the highest revenue in the history of BCC
  • TOP200 Computerworld report about BCC: for the third year in a row one of three biggest IT implementation companies in Poland and the leader in the scope of SAP services export
  • BCC Outsourcing Center receives ‘SAP Partner Center of Expertise’ certification
  • BCC opens branch in Germany – BCC Business Consulting Center GmbH
  • Over 40 % revenues from the export, SAP projects in over 20 countries
  • BCC Outsourcing Center handles over 100 SLA contracts
  • A new issue of BCC methodology: Go Forward
  • TOP200 Computerworld report about BCC: one of three biggest IT implementation companies in Poland and the leader in the scope of SAP services export
  • A record year – 60 % growth of revenues, 40 % sales – from the export of the services
  • ISO 20000 (ITIL) Certificate for IT Service Management System in BCC Outsourcing Center
  • SAP BusinessObjects Partner status
    External Services from BCC Group offers BPO services (among others: payroll outsourcing)
  • The revenues exceed 50 million Zloty. 50 % increase of consultant staff.
    Over 100 clients
  • ISO 27001 Certificate for BCC Information Security Management System
  • First outsourcing contracts referring to systems other than SAP
  • New BCC headquarters, new data center (in Złotniki near Poznań)
  • First contract for SAP implementation outside Europe (Indonesia)
  • SAP consultant team in BCC: over 100 people
  • First big contract comprising a simultaneous SAP implementation in several countries (Poland, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia)
  • SAP HR Partner Expert status
    Outsourcing services for 12 clients
  • A 7milowy company from BCC Group is established – specializing in SAP implementations in medium sized companies
  • Development of the offer in the scope of new SAP solutions and technology – Business Intelligence (SAP BW, SAP SEM), SAP CRM, SAP NetWeaver – SAP Partner Expert statuses in these areas
  • First contract for SAP hosting
  • SAP Competence Center certificate for BCC service organization
  • BCC is a SAP Dedicated Partner for food industry
  • SPRINT is made available for medium sized companies as part of the SAP All-in-One world initiative
  • BCC executes the biggest number of SAP implementation projects on the Polish market (data according to TOP200 Computerworld report: the biggest revenue from SAP services in Poland among SAP partners)
  • First contracts outside Poland (Czech Republic, Slovenia)
  • SPRINT: first SAP package in Poland for medium sized companies
  • SAP implementation in BCC
  • First issue of Good Business (now: Better Business) – SAP professional magazine published by BCC
  • BCC is one of several biggest SAP implementation companies in Poland
  • For the fourth year in a row doubling of revenues
  • New partner agreement with SAP: status VAR (Value Added Reseller)
  • Headcount: 54 persons (including over 30 SAP consultants), over 20 clients
  • First contracts for SAP outsourcing services
  • ISO 9001 certificate – as first consulting company in Poland
  • First issue of own-developed BCC methodology (now: Go Forward)
  • First complex SAP implementation performed individually by BCC
  • Intensive training program for employees
  • Partner agreement with SAP Polska
  • Supporting SAP Poland during the development of the Polish version of SAP software
  • Participation in the first SAP projects in Poland
  • On 23rd June, Business Consulting Center is established, a company specializing in SAP services

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