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Implementation and development of IT monitoring systems

IT infrastructure monitoring
SNP Poland implements projects for the construction and development of IT infrastructure monitoring systems, helping IT departments ensure continuity of operation, availability and performance of company IT services.

Business efficiency often depends directly on the tools and IT infrastructure, both in the context of the services offered to customers and the solutions that are used by the employees of the company. Even in the case of huge IT solutions, an effort is required to ensure the availability of systems and services. Therefore, SNP offers its customers proven solutions to effectively monitor the IT infrastructure in the company.

One of the tools offered by SNP is Nagios, a solution based on the GPL license. Nagios enables the monitoring of a number of parameters, i.e.:

  • host accessibility
  • network services on remote systems through the verification of TCP port accessibility
  • printer status (depending on the information provided by a printer, for example: toner, paper, status, etc.)
  • IPsec VPN site-site connections on the Juniper Networks appliances
  • status of the following network appliances: Cisco, Juniper, 3com, HP and others (RAM, CPU, interface status, environment conditions)
  • status of a chosen parameter of an indicated operating system
  • the level of internet connection utilization
    monitoring of the basic SAP system, other systems and clients’ services (entirely in-house solutions – depending on the needs)
  • the presence of an e-mail domain on a blacklist
    SSL certificate validity
  • other parameters not mentioned here (it is possible to freely extend the list of monitored parameters)

We also offer the system and network monitoring service provided by SNP Data Centers.


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