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SAP Business One

Flexible ERP solution for small and midsize enterprises

SAP Business One is an ERP solution, designed for small and medium companies. SAP Business One is available in an attractive price and does not require a complicated implementation. The aim of the solution is to increase efficiency, profitability, and support in decision-making processes based on easily available and clear information.

SAP Business One (informally called SAP B1) is afordable and does not require any complicated implementation. The system can be implemented and adapted to the needs of a company in a very short time, without disturbing any business processes.

The solution is designed for:

  • small and medium enterprises, interested in a quick return on investment in IT system,
  • large multi-subsidiaries organisations, that would like to run SAP is their smaller branches without a costly implementation project or a rollout of SAP according to a corporate template

SAP Business One is a proven solution used by companies all over the world. Its features are used by 55 thousand companies in over 150 countries.

SAP Business One in large organisations

Learn why large corporations operating on the basis of the central SAP ERP system increasingly choose SAP Business One for their smaller daughter companies and subsidiaries.
  • sales offices
  • customer service and warehouse units
  • smaller production sites
  • newly founded companies in other countries
  • regular business partners, including distributors, authorized service companies, franchisees

Functional description of SAP Business One

Key areas supported by SAP Business One:
Accounting and Financials

SAP Business One helps you manage your general ledger, journals, budgets, and accounts payable and receivable. You can conduct all your banking activities – including processing payments by check, cash, credit card, bank transfer, and bill of exchange – as well as reconcile various accounts and create financial reports for profit and loss, cash flow, balance sheet, and aging. You can also update account postings at the exact time relevant business events occur.

Purchasing and Operations

Every small business needs a systematic approach to managing the procurement process, from creating purchase orders to paying vendors. SAP Business One helps manage the complete order to pay cycle, including receipts, invoices, and returns.

SAP Business One manages the entire cycle:

  • selection of purchase offers
  • purchase and delivery orders
  • receipts of goods and returns
  • invoices, corrections and accounts payable
  • sales tree
  • production orders
  • material requirements forecasting and planning

You can also plan material requirements for production, control bills of materials, and replenish inventory automatically. And using integration with Crystal Reports, you can analyze your vendors’ performance and adjust your procurement strategy accordingly

Inventory and Distribution

SAP Business One also lets you readily manage your inventory and operations, including picking, packing, delivery, and billing. You can perform inventory valuation using different methods such as standard costing, moving average, and FIFO; monitor stock levels; and track transfers in real time and across multiple warehouses.

In addition, you can run real-time inventory updates, availability checks, and manage pricing and special pricing, which allows you to automatically apply volume, cash, and account discounts to transactions with vendors and customers.


The Production module enables basic production management from defining production trees through production orders to receipt of finished products to a storage location. In the production trees, it is possible to specify the components at several levels and their quantities that are needed to prepare the final product. During sales, the system enables both component names and the final product name to be displayed.

Resource planning (MRP) allows you to plan the resources needed to cover a material requirement based on purchase orders, sales forecasts, and stock levels. The MRP run results in reports recommending the volume and dates of purchases and production, and ultimately, purchase and production orders.

REPORTING (Business Intelligence tools)

SAP Business One provides powerful, integrated analytic and reporting tools to help you access the critical business information you need. With SAP Business One, together with fully integrated Crystal Reports, you can gather
data from multiple sources and generate timely and accurate reports based on critical company data across financials, sales, customers, inventory, service, production, and operations. Completely integrated with the Microsoft Office
products and focused on data security, Crystal Reports allows you to choose from a variety of report formats and to control access to information displayed.

You can also use additional functionalities that are an integral part of SAP Business One such as “drag and relate” and interactive drilling down through multiple levels of relevant data to get complete information instantly.

Sales and Customers (CRM)

With SAP Business One, you can:

  • Create quotes, enter orders, and provide better customer service
  • Track sales opportunities and activities from first contact to the close of sale
  • Initiate marketing campaigns by using templates for mass e-mails
  • Provide support for customer service, service contracts, and warranties

The application also lets you manage and maintain customer contacts with full Microsoft Outlook synchronization, which results in increased sales effectiveness and stronger customer relationships.

Comprehensive services for SAP Business One

SNP Poland is a dedicated SAP partner for serving small and midsize businesses, with special experience in SAP Business One.

For the SAP Business One solution, we provide a full range of services, including:

  • pre-implementation analysis
  • comprehensive SAP Business One implementations
  • application management (support for SAP Business One users)
  • manufacturer’s support (SAP Business One maintenance)
  • upgrades of system versions and rollouts to other organizational units
  • development and enhancement of the system

As a company implementing both SAP S/4HANA and SAP ERP as well as SAP Business One, we have unique experience of integrating these two solutions.

Proven solution

ADD-ONS to SAP Business One

Customers using SAP Business One are offered our proprietary add-ons and extensions that enhance the standard of SAP Business One, including:

  • integration with e-stores and e-commerce solutions
  • R2 Płatnik – an HR and payroll system for SAP Business One
  • SNP ECM – e-archiving and management of documents (e.g. invoices, contracts, documentation)
  • SNP Positano – a POS (Point-of-Sale) solution for retail outlets
  • SNP EasyPOS – integration of SAP with fiscal printers
  • SNP Simple Production Panel – an application for production panels (e.g. time recording in a production order)
  • SNP Simple Warehouse – an application for warehouse collectors (barcode scanners)

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