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SNP Training Center

The SNP Training Center offers all training courses from the standard SAP AG path as well as training courses in project management and ISO system management. We provide training as part of implementation projects and dedicated training programs, at any location agreed with the customer.

The role of SNP Training Center is to:

  • identify training needs
  • prepare dedicated training programs
  • provide training in a form convenient for you, at a suitable time and place

You are welcome to present your training needs. On their basis, we will prepare for you a highly customised offer – both in terms of the training scope and delivery method.

SAP Training

_ _ _
AC120SAP Integrated Business Planning for Finance
ACT100SAP Activate Methodology
S4H01Introduction to SAP S/4HANA
S4H100SAP S/4HANA Implementation Scenarios
S4H400S/4HANA Analytics: Overview
S4H410S/4HANA Analytics: Modeling Basics with Core  Data Services (CDS Views)
S4F01Financial Accounting in SAP S/4HANA
S4F02Management Accounting in SAP S/4HANA
_ _ _
SAP Fiori, SAP Hybris
UX100SAP Fiori – Foundation
UX200SAP Fiori – Administration
UX400OpenUI5 Development Foundations
HY400SAP Hybris  Commerce Developer Part 1
HY410SAP Hybris  Commerce Developer Part 2
C4C10SAP Fiori Implementation and  Configuration
C4C30SAP Cloud Applications Studio
C4C50SAP Hybris  Cloud for Customer – Integration with On-premise SAP Solutions
GW100SAP Gateway – Building OData Services
_ _ _
WDEDBGWorkshop Solution Based Debugging in SAP
WZAWPBWorkshop Workforce Performance Builder
DNW74Workshop ABAP_Delta 7.4
_ _ _
HA100SAP HANA # Introduction
HA200SAP HANA – Installation & Operations
HA215SAP HANA – Monitoring and  performance tuning
HA240Authorization, Security and  Scenarios
HA250Migration to SAP HANA using DMO
HA300SAP HANA – Implementation and  Modeling
HA350SAP HANA – Data Provisioning
HA360SAP HANA – Hands-on Lab
HA400ABAP Programming for SAP HANA
HA450Application Development for SAP HANA
_ _ _
Overview  & Inroduction Courses
SAP01SAP Overview
SAPFINOverview of SAP Financials
SAPHROverview of SAP HCM
SAPSCMSAP Supply Chain  Management Solution Overview
SAPTECSAP NetWeaver Application Server – Fundamentals
SAPSRMOverview of the SAP SRM solution
SAPCRMOverview of the SAP CRM Solution
SAPEPSAP Enterprise Portal – Fundamentals
SAPNWSAP NetWeaver – Overview
_ _ _
Financial Accounting
AC010Business Processes in Financial Accounting
AC200Accounting Customizing I: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable
AC201Accounting Customizing I
AC202Accounting Customizing II: Special G/L Transactions, Document Parking, Validation & Substitution, Archiv
AC205Financial Closing
AC207Parallel Accounting and  Reporting
AC210New General Ledger Accounting (in SAP ERP)
AC212Migration to the New General Ledger
AC220Special Ledger
AC305Asset Accounting
AC400Programming in Financials
_ _ _
Treasury and  Risk Management
FSC010Processes in Treasury and  Risk Management
FSC020Processes in SAP Credit Management, SAP Biller Direct, SAP Dispute and  SAP Collections Management
FSC110Customizing in Treasury & Risk Management
FSC130SAP Bank Communication Management
AC805Cash Management
_ _ _
Management Accounting
AC040Business Processes in Management Accounting (Controlling)
AC050Business Processes in Management Accounting (Controlling) for Service Industries and  Public  Sector
AC405Cost Center and  Internal Order Accounting
AC410Cost Center Accounting
AC412Cost Center Accounting: Extended Functions
AC415Internal Orders
AC505Product Cost Planning
AC520Cost Object Controlling for Make- To-Stock Manufacturing and  Sales-Order- Related Production
AC530Actual Costing / Material Ledger
AC605Profitability Analysis
AC610Profit  Center Accounting
AC612Profit  Center Accounting in new General Ledger Accounting
_ _ _
Investment Management
AC020Business Processes in Investment Management
AC350Configuration for Investment Management
_ _ _
Financial Analytics
CA700Reporting in Financial
CA705Report Painter
CA710Report Writer
_ _ _
Real Estate Management
RE010Business Processes in SAP Real Estate Management
RE200Flexible Real Estate Management
RE300Land Use Managament
_ _ _
SCM500Processes in Procurement
SCM510Inventory Management and  Physical Inventory
SCM515Logistics Invoice  Verification
SCM521Pricing in Purchasing
SCM525Consumption Base Planning
SCM540Procurement of Services
SCM550Customizing in Materials Management
_ _ _
Inventory & Warehouse Management
SCM630Warehouse Management
SCM631Additional Topics in Warehouse Management
SCM660Handling Unit Management
SCM680Cross Applications in Business Processes
EWM100Extended Warehouse Management Processes
EWM110Customizing (1) in SAP Extended Warehouse Mangement (SAP EWM)
EWM120Customizing (2) in SAP Extended Warehous
_ _ _
Order Fulfillment and  Sales Order Management
SCM600Business Processes in Sales Order Management
SCM610Delivery Processing in SAP ERP
SCM615Billing in SAP ERP
SCM620Pricing in Sales & Distribution
SCM650Cross Functional Customizing in SD
SCM670Global Available-to-Promise
SCM671Availability Check (ATP)
SCM920Customizing for production orders
_ _ _
Transportation Management
SCM601Processes in Logistics Execution
SCM611Configuration in Transportation
_ _ _
Production Planning
SCM100Business Processes in Planning (SAP ERP)
SCM130SAP ERP Planning & Manufacturing Overview
SCM210SCM Core  Interface APO
SCM200Business Processes in Planning (SAP SCM)
SCM240Production Planning (ERP)
SCM250Production Planning (SAP APO)
SCM310Production Orders in ERP
SCM380SAP MII – Manufacturing Integration and  Intelligence Fundamental
_ _ _
Supplier Relationship Management
SRM210SRM Server Configuration
SRM215SAP Supplier Self-Services (SUS)
SRM270SAP Procurement Catalog
_ _ _
SAP Business Objects Governance, Risk and  Comliance (GRC)
GRC100SAP Business Objects Governance, Risk and  Compliance (GRC 10.0 Principles and  Harmonization)
GRC300SAP Access Control Implementation and  Configuration
GRC330SAP Business Objects Process Control 10.0 – Implementation and  Configuration
GRC340SAP Risk Management 10.1
_ _ _
Life-cycle Data Management
PLM100Business Processes in Life-Cycle  Data Management
PLM114Basic Data for Manufacturing and  Product Management
PLM115Basic Data for Process Manufacturing
PLM120Document Management
PLM145Variant Configuration Part1: Modeling and  Integration
PLM146Variant Configuration Part2: additions and  scenarios
PLM150Change Management
PLM200Business Processes in Project Management
_ _ _
Project Management
PLM210Project Management – Structures
PLM220Project Management – Logistics
PLM230Project Management – Controlling
_ _ _
Quality Management
PLM400Business Processes in Quality Management
PLM412Quality Planning and  Inspection
PLM415Quality Management in Logistics
PLM420Quality Management in Production
_ _ _
Enterprise Asset Management and  Aftermarket sales & services
PLM300Business Processes in Plant Maintenance
PLM301Business Processes in Customer Service
PLM305Managing Technical Objects
PLM310Maintenance and  Service Processing: Preventative
PLM315Maintenance Processing: Operational Functions
PLM318Analytics in Enterprise Asset Management
PLM320WCM Work Clearance Management
PLM322Capacity Planning & Time Scheduling in Maintenance Projects
PLM335Service Processing
_ _ _
Customer Relationship Management & CRM technology and  Chanel
CR100CRM Customizing Fundamentals
CR300CRM Sales
CR410CRM Interaction Center WebClient
CR500CRM Middleware
CR580SAP CRM User  Interface
CR600CRM Marketing
CR700CRM Service
_ _ _
Human Capital Management
HR050Business Processes in Human Capital Management
HR250Employee Self Service
HR260Manager Self-Service
HR270SAP Enterprise Learning
HR280Smart & Adobe Forms in HCM
HR305Master Data Configuration
HR306Configuration of Time Recording
HR310Time Evaluation with Clock Times
HR316SAP E-Recruiting
HR350Programming in Human Capital Management
HR400Payroll Configuration
HR505Organizational Management
HR510Personnel Development and  Performance Management
HR515Training and  Event Management
HR580Analytics and  Reporting in HCM
HR940Authorizations in HCM
_ _ _
Business Intelligence
BW305Query Design & Enterprise Reporting
BW310BW – Enterprise Data Warehousing
BW330BI – Modeling & Implementation
BW350BI – Data Acquisition
BW360BW – Operations and  Performance
BW362SAP BW powered by SAP HANA
BW365BI – User  Management & Authorizations
BW370BI – Integrated Planning
SEM240BW-based consolidation
_ _ _
Business Planning and  Consolidation
BPC410SAP BusinessObjects Planning and  Consolidation, version for the Microsoft Platform: Administration
BPC420SAP BusinessObjects Planning and  Consolidation, version for SAP NetWeaver: Administration
BPC430SAP BusinessObjects Planning and  Consolidation: Reporting and  Planning
BPC440SAP BusinessObjects Planning and  Consolidation – Consolidation
_ _ _
SAP System Administration
ADM100ABAP Administration
ADM110SAP System Installation and  Patching
ADM103Advanced ABAP Administration
ADM108SAP System Monitoring using CCMS
ADM110SAP System Installation
ADM200AS Java 7.0 – Administration
ADM315Workload Analysis AS ABAP
ADM325Software Logistics for AS ABAP
ADM328SAP EHP Installation and  Upgrade
ADM505Database Administration Oracle I
ADM506Database Administration Oracle II
ADM515Database Administration SAP MaxDB
ADM535Database Administration (DB2 LUW)
ADM540Database Administration Sybase ASE (for SAP systems)
ADM800AS Java – Administration
ADM900SAP System Security Fundamentals
ADM940ABAP AS Authorization Concept
ADM950Secure SAP System Management
ADM960Security in an SAP System Environment
TDMS10Implementing and  Configuring SAP TDMS 4.0
TADM70SAP System: Operating System and  Database Migration
_ _ _
SAP Solution Manager
SM100SAP Solution Manager Configuration for Operations
SM250IT Service Management – Configuration
SMI310Implementation Projects with SAP Solution Manager
E2E120Technical Monitoring in SAP Solution Manager
E2E220Test Management Overview
_ _ _
Business Programming (ABAP)
BC100Introduction to programming (with ABAP)
BC400ABAP Workbench Foundations
BC401ABAP Objects
BC402Advanced ABAP
BC404ABAP Development in Eclipse
BC405Programming ABAP Reports
BC407Reporting: QuickViewer, InfoSet Query, and  SAP Query
BC410Developing Screen-Based User  Dialogs
BC412ABAP Dialog Programming Using EnjoySAP  Controls
BC414Programming Database Updates
BC420Data Transfer
BC425Enhancements and  Modifications
BC430ABAP Dictionary
BC470Form  Printing Using SAPSmart Forms
BC480PDF-Based Print Forms
BC481Interactive Forms
BC490ABAP Performance Tuning
_ _ _
Programming Web Aplication
NET200Developing BSP Applications
NET310Fundamentals of Web Dynpro for ABAP
NET311Advanced Web Dynpro for ABAP
NET312UI Development with Web Dynpro for ABAP
NET313Floor Plan Manager (FPM) for Web Dynpro ABAP
_ _ _
SAP for Retail
IRT330Planning, Purchasing, and  Merchandise Distribution
_ _ _
SAP NetWeaver Process Integration – Exchange Infrastructure
BIT100SAP NetWeaver Integration Technology – Overview
BIT300Application Link Enabling (ALE) Technology
BIT400SAP NetWeaver Process Integration
BIT460PI – Mapping
BIT480PI – Operations
BIT800Process Orchestration Overview
_ _ _
SAP NetWeaver Process Integration – Business Workflow
BIT600SAP Business Workflow – Concepts, Inbox and  Template Usage
BIT601SAP Business Workflow – Build and  Use
BIT603SAP Workflow and  Web Scenarios
BIT610SAP Business Workflow – Programming
_ _ _
SAP Enterprise Portal
EP120SAP NetWeaver Portal Development
EP200SAP NetWeaver Portal – System Administration
_ _ _
Business Objects
BO100SAP BusinessObjects BI Solution with SAP NetWeaver BW
BOW310SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence – Report Design coll 15
BOW320SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence: Advanced Report Design coll 15
BOC310SAP Crystal Reports – Fundamentals of Report Design
BOC320SAP Crystal Reports – Business Reporting & Report Processing Strategies
BOX310Dashboards: Core  and  Connectivity
BOE310SBO BI Platform:Admn & Security
BOE320SAP BO BI Platform:Administering Servers (Win)
BOE330SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform: Designing and  Deploying a Solution
BOE350SAP BusinessObjects Migration XI 3.0: Migrating from  5.x & 6.x to XI 3.0
BOID10SAP BusinessObjects Information Design Tool coll 16
BOCE10BI – SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise – Fundamentals of Report Design
BOCE20BI – SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise – Advanced Report Design
DS10SAP Data Services: Platform and  Transforms
BOD310SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio 1.0 coll 05
BOD320SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio 1.0 coll 05
_ _ _
TFIN20 cz.1Management Accounting I
TFIN20 cz.2Management Accounting I
TFIN22 cz.1Management Accounting II (including Case Study)
TFIN22 cz.2Management Accounting II (including Case Study) + egzamin certyfikacyjny C_TFIN22_65
TAW10 cz.1ABAP Basics
TAW10 cz.2ABAP Basics
TAW12 cz.1ABAP Objects and  How To Use It
TAW12 cz.2ABAP Objects and  How To Use It + egzamin certyfikacyjny C_TAW12_71
TFIN50 cz.1Financial Accounting I
TFIN50 cz.2Financial Accounting I
TFIN52 cz.1Financial Accounting II (incl. Case Study)
TFIN52 cz.2Financial Accounting II (incl. Case Study) + egzamin certyfikacyjny C_TFIN52_65
THR10 cz.1Management & Administration I
THR10 cz.2Management & Administration I
THR12 cz.1Management & Administration II (incl. Case Study)
THR12 cz.2Management & Administration II (incl. Case Study) + egzamin certyfikacyjny C_THR12_65
TSCM40 cz.1Planning / Manufacturing I
TSCM40 cz.2Planning / Manufacturing I
TSCM42 cz.1Planning / Manufacturing II (incl. Case Study)
TSCM42 cz.2Planning / Manufacturing II (incl. Case Study) + egzamin certyfikacyjny C_TSCM42_65
TSCM50 cz.1Procurement I
TSCM50 cz.2Procurement I
TSCM52 cz.1Procurement II (incl. Case Study)
TSCM52 cz.2Procurement II (incl. Case Study) + egzamin certyfikacyjny C_TSCM52_66
TSCM60 cz.1Order Fulfillment I
TSCM60 cz.2Order Fulfillment I
TSCM62 cz.1Order Fulfillment II
TSCM62 cz.2Order Fulfillment II + egzamin certyfikacyjny C_TSCM62_65
_ _ _
SUP521Sybase Unwired Platform 2.1 Mobile Application Development
SUP530Sybase Unwired Platform 2.1 and  OData Integration
SUP620Sybase Unwired Platform 2.1 Administration
MOB01Mobility Fundamentals and  Best Practices
_ _ _
THR80Introduction to SuccessFactors HCM Academy
THR81SuccessFactors Employee Central Academy
THR82SuccessFactors Performance & Goals Academy
THR83SuccessFactors Recruiting Management Academy
THR84SF Recruiting Marketing Academy
THR85SuccessFactors Succession Academy
THR86SuccessFactors Compensation Academy
THR87SuccessFactors Variable Pay Academy
THR88SuccessFactors Learning Academy
THR89SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics and  Planning Academy
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