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Dedicated SNP service organisation ensures the service quality and continuity for all outsourcing contracts.

We are a consulting company specialising in SAP services, IT outsourcing and software development. We support our clients' businesses. That is the reason for our motto to be: IT makes business better

We are part of SNP Group, world leader in transformation of SAP environments

Since 1995 we have successfully accomplished hundreds of IT project in many countries worldwide.

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SNP CrystalBridge

Transparent SAP transformation

Visualize and simulate your project in the cloud before the transformation

SNP CrystalBridge represents graphically your SAP environment, accelerating your business transformation and minimizing costs and risks.

Instead of long, technical reports, CrystalBridge offers you easy-to-understand, intelligent and interactive recommendations. The interactive SNP CrystalBridge simulations provide you with a deeper understanding of your ERP landscape and positively change your approach to mergers & acquisitions, sales and system upgrades and modernizations.

SNP CrystalBridge is a browser-based application in the Amazon Web Services Cloud. If necessary, it can also be hosted in a private cloud. SNP CrystalBridge can be also integrated with other SNP technologies, including SNP System Scan and SNP Interface Scanner. In this way, it can even better support you in further business transformations.

How do transformation projects influence your organizational structure? To make it more transparent, SNP CrystalBridge uses a network diagram that shows control areas, companies, assets, sales and purchasing departments: all presented in a selectable and zoomable format for easy interaction and simulation. You can filter organizational units at each hierarchy level by attributes such as name, currency, or type.


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