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Enterprise Content Management


Documents and processes under control

SNP Enterprise Content Management (ECM, BCC ECM until 2017) is a comprehensive and flexible IT solution which supports electronic processing, filing and flow of documents and information. The product’s main advantages are excellent ergonomics and a high level of data protection.

The solution combines the functions of such applications as DMS (Document Management Systems), CM (Content Management), e-filing of documents and Workflow systems. The product can be used to optimize the management of various types of documents and processes, such as:

  • suppliers’ invoices
  • documents related to cooperation with contractors and clients (e.g. contracts and orders)
  • HR documentation (e.g. contracts with employees and contractors)
  • technical documentation (e.g. product designs; sub-assembly designs; designs, schematics and maps of infrastructure)

SNP Enterprise Content Management consists of two main groups of functions:

  • the Content Management module, i.e. an electronic archive
  • the Workflow module, i.e. a tool used to facilitate the flow of documents and business processes within the organization

Integration with SAP

SNP Poland, a manufacturer and provider of the SNP ECM platform, is also an SAP implementation partner with many years of experience in implementing and developing SAP applications for Polish and international customers. As a result, SNP ECM is optimized for operation in companies using SAP systems.

SNP ECM is a proprietary solution of SNP Poland, prepared on the basis of many years of experience in the development of IT solutions supporting the efficient work with documents and information in companies. We provide a full range of services needed to deploy, maintain and develop applications.

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Benefits: efficient processes, cost reduction

Higher organizational efficiency of the company achieved through:

  • shortening the duration of processes, the flow of issues and documents
  • a clear assignment of responsibility for individual steps and decisions
  • access of authorized persons to documents from anywhere and at any time, regardless of where the paper documents are stored

Enhancing the level of security (including meeting the requirements of GIODO) through:

  • the system of permissions and authorizations that clearly defines the access to specific groups of documents and types of data
  • encrypting the e-documents stored and transmitted
  • maintaining an archive of documents in damage-resistant electronic version

Increasing the satisfaction and loyalty of business partners and customers through:

  • shortening and streamlining of issue handling while
  • increasing the data security and protection

Reduction of costs through:

  • limiting the costs of storing paper documents
  • decreasing the workload needed to handle multiple processes
  • automating the processes and reducing the risk of operational errors
Advantages: flexibility, security, mobility

Quick implementation. Flexible development. Cost-effective maintenance.

  • integration with any ERP, CRM, HR system or other systems (a ready-to-use SNP connector integrating BCC ECM with SAP systems)
  • easy fitting into the existing IT environment (deployable on various operating systems and databases, including free of charge ones)
  • an architecture that provides a high level of security (the possibility of dividing data by companies in the group, locations or departments; the possibility of creating a test and development installation in a single IT environment)
  • availability of various maintenance and licensing options: Software as a Service – a dedicated installation outsourced at SNP or a dedicated installation on the customer’s hardware platform
  • access from handheld devices (a smartphone, a tablet) for any mobile platform (IOS, Android, Windows)
  • quick search and immediate access to all necessary documents in accordance with authorizations
  • implementation of tasks in workflow processes at any place, without restrictions
  • rich functionality. Intuitive use and ergonomics.
  • easy and intuitive use (available through a web browser)
  • multilingualism (available in English and Polish, easy implementation of other languages)
  • easy search (full text search in archived documents)
  • integration with the scanning system and OCR
  • protection against unauthorized access. Safe data storage and transmission.
  • an extensive authorization system for defining user permissions even to individual data
  • the use of cryptography for the storage and transmission of data
  • an advanced control and auditing system identifying who did what and when in an application

SNP ECM runs in web browsers: IE 11, Edge, Firefox and Chrome, on all operating systems where the above-mentioned are available, including Windows 10.

Services — implementation, development, maintenance, outsourcing

SNP Poland, a company with many years of experience in the development of advanced IT solutions for demanding customers, offers a full range of services needed to deploy, maintain and develop the ECM solution.

The customer receives a package of services from a single professional provider, which allows for the clear assignment of responsibility for the implementation and maintenance of the ECM solution and all aspects of the project.

The scope of services includes:

Preparation of implementation

  • business process analysis (identification of requirements, modeling, optimization)
  • consulting on the organization of an electronic archive

Implementation and development

  • implementation services along with training and data migration
  • integration with other systems, e.g. SAP ERP, HR, CRM
  • supply of scanning equipment and applications
  • providing a version for mobile devices
  • adding new dedicated functions
  • security auditing


  • delivery in the SaaS (Software as a Service) model.
  • IT outsourcing including:
  • system maintenance at SNP Data Centers
  • solution administration
  • outsourcing and backup management
  • support — for administrators and/or users
  • maintenance (including improvements, new releases)
SaaS — SNP ECM as a service

SNP ECM is a solution that has been prepared for operation in the cloud. It can be provided as SaaS (Software as a Service).

As SNP has its own Data Center, it can offer a system in the service model, for a periodic (monthly or quarterly) fee depending on the actual number of users.

Our customers who decide to choose SNP ECM in the SaaS model can be sure that:

  • they will benefit from the latest IT technologies supporting business (databases, operating systems, a high-speed connection and managed virtual machines)
  • their data will be professionally and properly secured directly by BCC (both production and archival data as well as backups)
  • they do not have to bear the costs of administration and development of technologies
  • no initial outlay is required to commence the project, and the solution is ready for starting the implementation
  • the system will be available under SLA terms determined according to the customer’s requirements
The first ISO 27018 certification in Poland: a guarantee of data security

As a solution offered in the cloud as SaaS (Software as a Service), SNP ECM has the ISO 27018 certification.

The ISO 27018 certification is an independent guarantee of security and confidentiality of the customer data stored in the application. The ISO 27018 standard applies to such processes as the data backup maintenance and creation system, data encryption, management of modifications in applications, recording of users’ and administrators’ activities, management of users’ accounts and authorizations.

This is the first Polish ECM solution certified for compliance with ISO 27018.

The implementation of ECM BCC has allowed us to organize the flow of financial documents in our company. Now we have a complete and current knowledge of circulating invoices, which helps us plan costs and financial flows. BCC ECM provides full accountability throughout the whole business process.
Dorota Łukowska IT Manager Poli-Eco
With BCC ECM we have gained control over expenditure and we have standardized the organizational and financial aspects of the process. The activities related to checking the data correctness have gained a new dimension, the risk of the process of handling invoices has been significantly reduced.
Ewa Laskowska Senior Controller ROTR Spółdzielnia Mleczarska
We were looking for tools that would optimize the costs of maintaining IT solutions related to billing documents, without compromising on the quality of customer service and the effectiveness of energy sales processes. BCC ECM enabled us to find the golden mean between the value of the investment and software functionality. The 80/20 rule, i.e. 80% of the functionalities of the market-leading IT solutions for 20% of the price, has proved correct.
Artur Lech IT Department Head G.EN. Gaz Energia

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