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SNP Interface Scanner

Your SAP interfaces under control

Software-based identification of all interfaces in SAP system landscapes

SNP Interface Scanner allows you to automatically analyze and document interfaces with minimal effort. This enables you to gain a valuable insight into the system landscape and any changes made – for example, to identify and eliminate unused interfaces and connections that are no longer needed, optimize business processes and improve operation performance as well as security of IT systems.

Keep an eye on your interfaces!

Undocumented or outdated interfaces can pose a significant security risk, while obsolete or incompatible interfaces create a risk of serious business interruption. This is especially important when you are preparing the SAP environment for major changes. When you plan to reorganize the company, roll out the system to successive units, or simply to upgrade SAP, it is recommended to review the interfaces in use.

Interfaces are critical to business processes, because they enable information exchange within your system landscape, as well as communication with external partners. A complete and up-to-date interface record is essential for planning and monitoring interfaces as well as implementing changes in the system landscape. This applies to engineering projects or projects related to business transformation.

After installing the “Collector” add-on only in one SAP system, the data related to connections and statistics on the ways of using interfaces in the SAP system are collected and consolidated in a central server. With the SNP Interface Scanner client, this type of data can be then evaluated in the selected way using many available analysis and visualization options.

Advantages of SNP Interface Scanner

  • Support of SAP specific protocols
  • Automatic or ad-hoc acquisition and filtering of data
  • Detailed analysis based on various standard queries
  • Possible use of standard features by users without programming skills
  • Evaluation of query results based on charts
  • Visualization of interface topologies in MS Visio
  • Export to MS Excel, Adobe PDF or HTML
  • Ability to implement custom queries
  • Optional client-specific extensions, such as file interfaces
  • Simple installation: no installation required in the analyzed systems

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