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SNP NIP Checker

Checking NIP in SAP
SNP NIP Checker, a new extension of the SAP standard from SNP Poland, enables the activity of counterparties’ NIP numbers in the Ministry of Finance and the EU databases to be verified directly in the SAP system.

The purpose of the verification is to avoid the registration of documents in the SAP system with incorrect NIP numbers of counterparties, and to detect inactive or VAT-exempt counterparties. So far, the NIP number had to be checked manually in the Ministry of Finance system or, in the case of import and export within the EU, in the EU databases.

SNP NIP Checker allows you to automate the process of checking counterparties using NIP numbers, which improves the work of system users. This solution enables the user to check the NIP number directly in SAP. It allows alerts to be triggered when an attempt is made to register a document with an incorrect number, and enables multiple numbers to be checked at the same time on demand. The verification is made in the Ministry of Finance databases for NIP numbers and in the European Union databases for VAT-EU numbers.

The verification can be made for:

  • JPK_VAT files
  • Master data on suppliers/customers
  • Manually specified VAT number lists (can be downloaded from a file)
  • Other locations in the system (the solution provides an API that makes it easy to integrate them with, for example, issuing orders for suppliers, posting invoices from suppliers, receiving orders from customers, or invoicing customers).

The results of the checks are recorded in logs and can be printed at any time.

SNP NIP Checker is a product that is ready to use within just a few minutes after transferring a transport order to the SAP system. The product communicates with external databases via the SNP NIP Checker service maintained at SNP Poland. This allows the user to be protected in case of any changes to the API of the Ministry of Finance/European Union (adjustments, if any, will be made by SNP Poland once for all customers). SNP NIP Checker can be integrated with SNP JPK Transfer.


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