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SNP Transformation Backbone

The first standard software for business and IT transformations

Next generation transformation platform

SNP Transformation Backbone analyses changes in SAP systems automated and implements them standardized. This enables clients to considerably reduce the workload for data preparation and the duration of data migration. The software provides predefined rules that, in many cases, replace the otherwise common manual programming. With the help of the stored transformation rules, it also links historical data with the new system. This is especially important at companies with long project runtimes.

For transformations, we have combined our knowledge and experience from numerous transformation projects into one software solution: SNP Transformation Backbone is a standard software that provides automated support for ERP transformations and is not limited to transformations from or to SAP systems.

Because of open standards and integrated project methodology, companies’ agility can benefit from our software. Agile IT landscapes are an increasingly crucial factor for a company’s success. In our view, IT landscapes that are easily adaptable to technological changes are increasingly decisive factors for a company’s success. The modernization of outdated IT worlds requires companies to invest in unifying heterogeneous and complex IT infrastructures respectively IT systems.


SNP Transformation Backbone:

  • reduces the duration and cost of projects, increase project security and provide transparency across a project;
  • actively supports various steps of a transformation project – from the ongoing analysis of company data and processes to careful planning and rapid implementation;
  • allows precise forecasts of the transformation project and detailed planning of the business scenario – with a reliable estimate of the costs involved;
  • enables IT departments to carry out ERP transformations themselves;
  • minimizes system downtime;
  • meets legal requirements regarding the transformation of accounting-relevant data.

Transformation scenarios

There are four main scenarios that require the transformation of IT systems:

  • “merge” (merger of various IT landscapes),
  • “split” (split of various IT landscapes),
  • “move/upgrade” (move to a different IT landscape, change of release, S/4HANA),
  • “harmonization” (unification of various IT landscapes).

We have different so called “units” for each of the mentioned scenarios. “Units” are defined as methods, rules and tools to implement the different scenarios. The units are integral part of the SNP Transformation Backbone. In addition, the SNP Business Process Analysis, the SNP Project Cockpit, and the SNP Data Provisioning and Masking can be included in the SNP Transformation Backbone. The SNP System Scan may also be part of the SNP Transformation Backbone.


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